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*Why is Korea divided into North Korea and South Korea

* The empire of Japan colonised Korea in 1910.
The Japanese Colonisation of Korea was very ruthless
and oppressive for Koreans. During this period there
was  rapid industrialisation and extraction of
those natural resources which was useful for Japan.
There was also large scale conscription of
Koreans for work in Japanese factories during the
second world war.

*In 1939 , a policy called 
Sōshi-kaimei was introduced
to force Koreans to take up Japanese names /create a
common family name.

*Korea was divided  along the 38th parallel (north) into
 North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea )
backed by USSR and later influenced by China,
and South Korea (
Republic of Korea) backed by USA
 following the end of World War II and Japanese surrender
and the division of the Japanese empire after the war.

*Seoul is the capital of South Korea, Pyongyang is the capital
of North Korea . Pyongyang  means flat land / peaceful land,
Seoul means capital city.


Most people are likely to ask
What is the Korean war and Who won the Korean war?
The division and increase of tension
led to the Korean war from 1950 -1953.
North Korean soldiers are said to have crossed over
into South Korea ,and the
US army came to the help of South Korea.
The chinese army also became involved in the Korean
war in 1950 by assisting North Korea.
There is only a cease fire in place from 1953
and a
signed armistice  and the border
between the two countries is very tense usually.
The Korean war is sometimes called the forgotten war
by americans, because it is overlooked because
it happened between World war II and the Vietnam conflict.

*The USA usually has military presence in South Korea.

*The Japanese  and South Koreans  do not usually recognize
 North Korea as a separate  sovereign country.

*The sea of japan is bordered by Japan, South Korea,
North Korea, Russia.
The amplitude of tides usually are usually lower than normal
 and the salinity is lower than usual and the water is rich in
dissolved oxygen.
The Sea of Japan is usually called the East Sea by
South Koreans,
as the Korean East sea by North Koreans
and Whale sea in China

* The highest concentration of industrial robots is said to be
in South Korea.

*Seoul has a very good fibre network and is trying to
provide public wifi at  outdoor locations.

*When student's are taking tests /standardized tests
 in South Korea, access to
rooftops are usually locked to prevent suicide attempts
by the students who fear failure.

*The national drink of  Korea is soju, an alcoholic
drink traditionally made from rice. It is a clear drink which
contains around 20% alcohol. It is similar to vodka (which
contains around 40% alcohol). The difference from
sake is that sake is a rice wine.

* The concept of Han for Koreans is a deep sense
of resentment against injustice and an urge to right
the wrongs done to them.

*The literacy rate in South Korea went from
around 22% at the end of the second world war
to around 87% in 1970 and is now above 95%.


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