Sahara desert


Sahara desert

meaning of the word Sahara:
Location of  Sahara desert
climate  in the Sahara desert:

The Sahara means the great desert or the
plural of the arabic word for desert.

The Sahara desert is in the North  part of Africa.
Partsof the Sahara are in Algeria, Chad Egypt,
Libya, Mali. Mauritania,Morocco, Niger,
 Sudan, Tunisia. Western Sahara is considered
as a disputed territory.
The Sahara desert has an area of around
nine million square kilometres. The temperature
varies from over 40 degree celsius .
The temperature of the desert sand is
usually close to 80 degree celsius at noon.

The rainfall is lowest at the eastern
part of the Sahara near Libya with nearly
4000 hours of bright sunshine annualy.

Landform of the Sahara :
The Sahara desert consists of a lot of
hamada or rocky plateau. An erg in a desert
is a flat area covered with sand. Around
20% of the Sahara are ergs. A reg is a structure
like a pavement in the desert consisting of
pebbles which are packed closely. A sand dune
is a mounnd near some obstacle formed by the
the collection of sand blown by the wind .
The sand in the desert is usually formed
by the westhering of stone.

The Richat Structure is also called the
eye of the sahara or Guelb er Richat is a
circular structure found in the sahara
in Mauritania.
This was earler thought to be formed
as the result of impact by some asteroid,
but now this is not considered as the
explanation of the formation of
the Richat Structure.
Some variesies of foxes, antelopes,
cheetas, desert crocodile, monitor lizard,
african wild dog and gazelles which
can survive for a long time without
water live in Sahara desert.

Deserts usually do not occur at the equator.
The deserts usually form at around 30 degree
north and south latitudes, because air is
thought to rise at the equator and then flow
towards the poles and descend at around 25 to
30 degree latitude point after already
losing all the moisture.

The Sahara desert actually reaches the sea coast
at some points while the Kumtag Desert  is an
arid region of China surrounded by land on all
sides. Kumtag  means sand mountain.

There have been a couple of times when snow has
fallen in a part of  the Sahara desert
the latest being in December 2016
near Ain Sefra, Algeria and earlier in
February 1979.

*Where is Sahara desert ? or
Where is Sahara desert located?
What countries and territories is the Sahara desert
a part of ?
What is the meaning of Sahara in Arabic?



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