Sharon and her younger sister Rachel
were going to the beach. A grannie
was sitting on the door steps waiting for
someone to buy ice cream from her. They passed a
 hitchhiker  who seemed to be of arab origin
and a couple of punks on their way
to the beach. The two punks were putting up
a fake boxing match between themselves.
The janitor of their school waved to them as
he passed them on the road.
Sharon and Rachel were hoping to play soccer
with their mom Catherine on the beach
even though it was a pretty hot day.
A biker gang was also on the beach playing
basketball nearby and also  watching the
soccer game, They tried to chat up Sharon and
her mature mom. After playing soccer with
their mom, they went to the theatre near
the beach to watch their favourite movie on
the big screen. When they were there, the biker
gang came into the theater near the beach and
started to tease Sharon and her mom. Her mom
was mature enough and tried to prevent the
bad situation from escalating. They quietly
left the theater because of the teasing by
 the biker gang and returned to the beach.

When they were sitting there on the beach,
Sharon's sister Rachel had changed into her bikini.
Her childhood friend Tina also in her bikini was
also on the beach and told Rachel that her brother
Mathew had been in an accident at the place
he had gone for summer camp after his
examination was over.

 Mathew had fallen off a camel when he had
gone camping with his team of scouts and had to
 amputate his toe and could only walk around
on crutches. Mathew was a couple of years older
 than Rachel. Tina knew that Rachel had a crush
on Mathew. The first night when Tina had introduced
Rachel to Mathew was still vivid in her mind
Tina and Rachel talked about their
upcoming graduation ceremony after the

Sharon took a couple of photos of the sunset
and went with her mom to the spa leaving Rachel
and Tina on the beach.Sharon's mom wanted to get
 her facial done before going to the spa. But the
girl who gave her the facial was plump and was very sloppy
in her work and she went to a second saloon
to get a better facial from a girl who she
 hoped would not be as sloppy as the plump girl.

The girl at the second saloon was very voluptuous
and was wearing a beautiful pink garter. She was
much more professional than the first girl and gave
Catherine a very good second facial which was not sloppy.
Catherine had  given birth to a baby only a couple of
months ago and was a lactating mom. As soon as
the second facial was over, she noticed that
it was feeding time for her baby boy. She bent over
to take her phone from her bag and  asked
her husband to bring the baby from their home to
the beach so that the baby could suck on her
breasts. Her gynecologist had toldCatherine about
 the health benefits of breast feeding her baby.

A nanny was pretty expensive and
Catherine did not like to hire a nanny for
the baby. So her baby was sleeping in the crib while
Catherine's husband Mark was fixing up a shower
in the basement  of their house and hence did
not hear the phone.
Jane was Catherine's sister in law or SIL.
Catherine's husband Mark was a business executive
He was hoping for a good promotion very soon.
He knew many secrets regarding his boss which
he did not share with his wife Catherine. But
his brother's wife Jane was privy to some of
these secrets because Jane  was the secretary
of Catherine's husband's boss. But Jane was
a pretty submissive wife to her husband John.
Jane did not have a good relation with her
sister in law ( SIL ). Jane had become pregnant
four months ago. Jane was feeling
tired due to her pregnancy and was hoping to
get home early from her work. Her pregnant
belly was just  beginning to show. Jane had
an appointment with her gynecologist the
first night of  the next month. She called up
her husband to remind him of the appointment
with the gynecologist.
When Mark had tied up the work on the shower
in their basement, he cleaned up his tools and
went to his bedroom. He bent over the bed to
pick up his phone and saw the missed call from
his wife Catherine. He called her back, and then took
his baby boy with him to the beach so that the
baby could suck breast milk from the breasts of
his wife Catherine. He also put a leash on his
pet dog and took both of them to the beach.
He put the dog in the back seat of his car and
his son in the front seat.

Catherine had to swap her seats with another couple
 on the beach because of the heat.  She sat there
sucking on an ice cream which was nice for the
hot day,waiting for her husband to come with her
baby so that she could  feed her baby with breast
 milk. She was forced to watch a casting for
a teen drama which was taking place nearby
as she was licking her ice cream sitting there.

Her fingers hurt her a little bit because her
wedding ring had become tight. Mark had told her
that the  her father in law ( FIL ) Sam had helped
him to select that wedding ring. Sam was very
fond of his daughter in law Catherine.

Catherine had sent her daughter Sharon
on to the spa, Catherine knew that Sharon was
eager to enjoy the steam room in the spa.
The spa was a family business run by some
indians from India and was famous for
its massage specialists.
At the reception area of the spa, Sharon saw a
beautiful girl from
Mumbai in India dressed
in a salwar kameez.
The janitor of the spa was also an indian.
At the spa, Sharon saw her tutor Amy Lee leaving
the steam room at the spa. Amy Lee was a
good tutor who had taught Sharon a lot of
good things about life in general. Amy Lee
was hoping to enjoy a good massage and backrub
at the spa. Sharon had thought that Amy Lee
was a prude because Amy Lee usually avoided
party games.

Catherine mom Mark father John brother of Mark

 Jane wife of John Sam father of mark
Sharon and Rachel elder and younger daughters of Catherine

Tina(younger) and Mathew friends of Rachel

tutor of Sharon Amy Lee



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