newborn baby


newborn baby

My sister had given birth to a baby boy last month.
So that led to me and my spouse searching the shops
 for things you need for a new born baby. This led
us to think about all the stuff that a newborn baby
needs and the special care for a newborn baby.
The first thing that the relatives who came to see the newborn
baby boy asked was about the name of the newborn baby boy.
There are many websites which give many so called unique names for newborn
babies with the meaning of the names.

One of the first things that new parents wonder is
what to feed a newborn baby.
If the mother is able to breastfeed the newborn baby
it is the best option.A newborn baby might be able to drink
 around 50 to 100 ml every 2 or 3 hours.Frequent breastfeeding
will act as stimulus to the body to produce more milk.
Though initially the feeding is based on the demand of the newborn baby
crying for milk, some doctors recommend waking up the newborn baby
every four or five hours even at night and feeding the newborn baby to
avoid dehydration. Breastfeeding may seem to be hard for
some new mothers due to difficulty in latching on to the
nipples and also sore nipples.

Newborn babies might sleep for over 14 hours in a day spread
over short intervals. This will lead to the parents being on
their toes throughout the day and will likely lead to
loss of sleep and exhaustion for the new parents. It is better to try to sleep when
the baby is sleeping and try to take shifts with your spouse in
taking care of the baby.

A newborn baby might lose some weight after birth in
the first couple of days and then quickly regain the lost weight.

The ublical cord usually falls off during the second week.

Some of the new breastfeeding mothers will worry about
the food they consume while they are breastfeeding
Some mothers will find that food which has a laxative side effect
and some of the food associated with gas are better avoided
during breastfeeding. It is also better to avoid consuming
alcohol during breastfeeding. Very high amounts of chocolate
consumption during breastfeeding might also be bad for
the newborn child. Drinking a large quantity of fluids
is good for a breastfeeding mother. Fenugreek,oats and small amounts of garlic are
 used for increasing milk supply in a lactating mother.
It takes around two to five hours for the substance in the
food consumed by the mother to appear in the breastmilk.
Some babies might not like the taste of garlic in the
breast milk. Around 500 extra calories might be needed
to produce the breast milk.

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