Limnic eruption / disaster at Lake Nyos


Limnic eruption / disaster at Lake Nyos in cameroon

  lake overturn in cameroon

*A limnic eruption is a sudden release of a large
carbon dioxide cloud from the the carbondioxide
that has been dissolved in a large water body like
that of a lake. This can suffocate living things
including humans. This is also called lake overturn
and the lakes are sometimes referred to as
limnically active or exploding lakes.

* This has happened in Lake Monoun in Cameroon
in 1984 which resulted in the death  of 38

Lake Nyos is a crater lake in north Kamroon
Another  limnic eruption occured
at Lake Nyos in Camaroon in 1986  in
which over 3500 cattle died and
around 1700 people were also killed due to the
sudden release of around many million cubic metres
of carbon dioxide from Lake Nyos in Cameroon .
The carbon dioxide gas cloud descended into
nearby valleys and killed people as far as
25 km away from the lake.This is sometimes
called the Lake Nyos disaster of camaroon.

*Yaoundé is the capital of camerron.
Lake Nyos of camaroon is around 300km
away from Yaoundé the capital city of camaroon.

Usually lakes in which limnic eruption or lake
overturn or lake explosion occurs are thought
to be highly saturated with carbon dioxide gas,
and the there will be higher quantities of
carbon dioxide at the lower levels due to the
cooler water and higher pressure at the bootom
of the lake. The system will be highly
unstable  when the gas concentration is near
saturation level. Only a small trigger
like a volcanic eruption, landslides, earthquake
might be enough to suddenly expel a vast quantity of
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Carbon dioxide is heavier than air  and
the massive cloud of carbon dioxide will be
formed close to the ground which might
suffocate life.

A  meromictic lake is a lake in which there are
at least two distinct layers of water which do not
mix.A holomictic lake is a lake in which the water
layers at the top and bottom of the lake mix with
each other. limnic eruptions are sometimes related to
meromictic lake.

Lake Kivu has also been found to be highly
saturated with carbon dioxide gas and some
people think might have a limnic eruption once
every thousand years or so. It is on the border of
Congo and Rwanda.


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