*Haiti is the only nation to have formed as the
result of a revolt of slaves. Haiti is also one of
the first independent nations in latin america.

*The name Ayiti means land of mountains
in the taino language.Haiti is also called
pearl of the antilles. Haiti is located
on the western part of the island of Hispaniola.

*Haiti was earlier part of St.Domingue and was
one of the important french colonies which produced
a lot of coffee, sugar etc.

*Before the revolution, the region produced
around 60% of the  coffee and 40% of the
 sugar imported into europe and
the sugar plantations of the land
required a large number of slaves to be regularly
transported from Africa because of the
dangers of diseases like yellow fever.

*The Haitian revolution started in 1791 and ended
in 1804 resulting in the formation of  Haiti.

*It was also one of the largest slave uprisings

*A mulatto is a person with a mixed black and white
ancestry, while a runaway slave was called a maroon.

*The Haitian revolution was anti-colonial against the
French colonial rule and also anti-slavery. The revolution
was mostly led by slaves and mulatos

*There was a massacre of white persons of french origin
 after  Haiti became independent.

*The revolution and the massacre also had an
effect on the public and also slavery in America.
Some of the white refugees from St.Domingue
fled to America. Many of them settle in Lousiana.
The US refused to recognise the independece of Haiti
for many years.

*Even after Haiti became independent, there was a
 society which consisted of two classes,
 because politics and economy was pretty much
dominated by mulattos.

*In 1825, King Charles X sent ships and
tried to reconquer Haiti and France forced Haiti to pay
150 million gold francs as reparation to old slave owners
 for recognition of itsindependence and
 to end its isolation. Haiti was able to finish off
the payments / interest payments only by 1947. 

*Haiti is one of the most populous country of the
Caribbean  community.The caribbean community
of around fifteen caribbean countries  is
 called CARICOM.

*Haiti was one of the founding members of
the united nations.

*Haiti was mistaken for India/ Asia by
Christopher Columbus

Citadelle Laferrière was one of the largest
fortresses in the americas and was a
unesco heritage site. Citadelle Laferrière was
an enormous stone structure built on  top of
3000 foot mountain Bonnet a L'Eveque. It is one
of the tourist attractions of haiti.
*There was a very powerful earthquake of
magnitude 7 in 2010 in Haiti which killed over
80000 people .A very severe hurricane mathew
stuck Haiti in 2016. Both of these have drastically
 affected Haiti.

*Haiti has a trade deficit of around 40%.

*Haiti is one of the important producers of
vetiver ( a root used for perfumes) and makes up
nearly 50% of the world's production.

*The currency of haiti is Haitian gourde,
but US dollars (USD) are also widely used in Haiti.

*There are two main national highways in Haiti.

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