Progression AP, GP, sequences

Arithmetic progression(A.P.), Geometric progression (G.P), Harmonic progression (H.P) , nth term , sum of n terms, of A.P. and G.P sum of infinite number of terms of a G.P , sum of the first n natural numbers, sum of the squares of the first n natural numbers and sum of the cubes of the first n natural numbers

Arithmetic Progressions (A. P.)

The sequence a , (a +d ), (a +2d ), (a +3d ), (a +4d ), . . . is called an arithmetic progression.

' a ' is the first term and ' d ' is the common difference of the A.P.

The nth term of the A.P. is a + ( n-1)d

arithmetic progression formula

Three numbers a , b, c are in A.P. if 2b = a +c.

Geometric Progression (G.P. )

geometric progression

Harmonic Progression (H.P.)

harmonic progression

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