* Indices, surds and some identities:

This page contains some of the most important results from indices, surds
and some of the common identities. These will be useful for mathematics
students to simplify expressions involving powers, radical signs like square roots
and cube roots, and simplify and factorise algebraic expressions involving identities

* Logarithms:
concept of log, base changing rule, log of a product, quotient etc.

* Quadratic equations
Information on  the quadratic equation of second degree,
 the quadratic formulae,  to solve quadratic equation, the nature of the
roots using the discriminant, relation between the roots and
the coefficients of the quadratic equation.

* Complex Number
Notes on complex numbers, concept of the imaginary unit i, powers of i,
general form of a complex number, modulus, amplitude etc.

* Progression
Arithmetic progression(A.P.), Geometric progression (G.P), Harmonic progression (H.P) ,
 nth term , sum of n terms, of A.P. and G.P sum of infinite number of terms of a G.P
, sum of the first n natural numbers,
sum of the squares of the first n natural numbers and
sum of the cubes of the first n natural numbers

* Trigonometry formula
trigonometry identity, trigonometry formulae, trigonometric
ratio/value of standard angle

* Sign of trigonometry ratios in different quadrant  ratio
for [(pi/2) - x] , [(pi/2) + x], [pi - x],[pi + x],[(3pi/2) - x] , [(3pi/2) + x],[2pi - x],[- x]

sign of trigonometry ratio in different quadrants and the concept of trigonometry ratio
for [(pi/2) - x] , [(pi/2) + x], [pi - x],[pi + x],[(3pi/2) - x] , [(3pi/2) + x],[2pi - x],[- x]

*Analytical Geometry
The distance formula, section formula, midpoint formula, various equations of
straight line like point slope,two point, intercept form, equation of circle, condition
for orthogonal circle, equation of tangent to a circle are given.

vector dot product, cross product,magnitude or modulus of a vector, unit vector
scalar triple product [S.T.P], vector triple product[V.T.P]

*list of differentiation formula
list of differentiation formula like power rule, trigonometric function

*integral calculus integration formula
list of formula used for integration of functions, integral calculus

*correlation coefficient equation of regression line

Carl pearson correlation coefficient, equation of the line of regression
of y on x and the regression line of x on y
*Indeterminate forms, LHospital's rule, Permutation and Combination
the list of indeterminate forms, how to evaluate limits of the form 0/0 and infinity/ infinity  using
l hospital's rule, the concept of permutation and combination

*square root without using calculator by using long division method
method of finding the square root by long division without using calculator

*Hyperbolic function
Definition of hyperbolic functions sinh x, cosh x ,tanh x , coth x, cosech x, sech x
and some identities of hyperbolic functions.

*Laplace Transform Inverse laplace transform
Laplace transform and inverse laplace transform of some standard functions
for, be students.

* Graph Theory definitions
This page contains some of the most basic definitions from the subject of
 graph theory, which might be useful to the students of computer science.



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